Benefits of Collagen

1.Younger Look

Fish collagen has become quite the beauty craze. That’s because there are lots of collagen benefits for skin. Fish collagen has been shown to have anti-aging properties, particularly for your skin. Collagen in our skin actually begins to break down at the rather young age of 21. As we get older, we continue to lose more and more of our own collagen, and considering Type I collagen makes up 70% of our skin, replenishing it is important for maintaining healthy, happy, youthful skin.
Fish collagen may decrease the amount of wrinkles and appearance of cellulite in our skin. In addition, supplementing with fish collagen may help improve skin hydration, firmness, smoothness, elasticity, and suppleness!

2.Say goodbye to unsightly scars!

This is all thanks to fish collagen being a Type I collagen – it will be your skin’s best friend. Collagen is a major component in the dermal matrix of skin. In other words, the fate of the condition of your wounds is really up to your collagen. Remember, collagen is a protein that not only builds; it repairs, too. Fish collagen may be helpful for alleviating your scars and ensuring faster healing altogether. This type of collagen has been studied for its role in promoting protein synthesis and cell proliferation.
Collagen can support skin tissue strength by regenerating the extracellular matrix of your skin. All of this jargon is to simply say that fish collagen may promote the regeneration of skin after a multitude of skin injuries and deformations, from scratches to burns to scars.

3.Help Build up your bone strength!
Skin isn’t the only part of the body supplementing with fish collagen can benefit! Collagen makes up 90% of the organic matrix of our bones. One of the most common signs of aging is the loss of bone mass. This can lead to osteoporosis, a condition that millions of people across the world suffer from. While minerals like phosphorus and calcium are great for promoting and maintaining bone strength, they are not easy to absorb into the bloodstream. That’s why many people are at risk for bone diseases due to bone loss and mineral deficiencies. Fish collagen may help your bone strength by supporting the absorption process of calcium and other minerals that are vital for bone strength. Supplementing with fish collagen may help stimulate collagen synthesis in the bones, which is done by promoting osteoblasts (cells that help build the bone matrix). This means that fish collagen may help regenerate and heal your bones!
4.Stabilize your blood sugar!

Glycine has been studied for its various benefits to the human body, and fish collagen is uniquely packed with higher levels of glycine than any other types of collagen! And the glycine in fish collagen may help stabilize blood sugar. Researchers have recently found evidence that low levels of glycine in the body may lead to insulin resistance which can lead to diabetes. Indeed, in a 2016 study conducted by the Alberta Diabetes Institute, people with type 2 diabetes have been found to have low levels of glycine in their bodies. Therefore, supplementing with glycine rich fish collagen may help stabilize your blood sugar levels and prevent insulin resistance glycine.

5.Reduces inflammation and fight bacteria!
Fish collagen just seems to sound better and better, doesn’t it? Here’s another benefit! Hydrolyzed fish collagen consists of bioactive peptides that have antioxidant properties. These properties can help in the reduction of reactive oxygen species, which are unstable molecules containing oxygen that cause the aging of tissues and put people at higher risks of cancer. Fish collagen can provide antioxidants, which then can fight against the accumulation of those reactive oxygen species, boosting the immune system and reducing inflammatory responses throughout the body.

Other Benefits

  • Aging skin
  • Reducing wrinkle, frown lines and crow feet
  • Getting firm skin
  • Healing sun damaged skin
  • Healing scar and wound
  • Getting strength hair and nail
  • Supporting joint and mobility
  • Reducing risk of osteogenesis imperfecta
  • Building muscle
  • Increasing energy if taken prior to exercise or physical activities